Museum in Need of Docents


The April Wing Meeting took place last night and the highlight was a tour of our wonderful Midland Army Air Field Museum.  Members became familiar with exhibits and artifacts during an educational tour led by Brent Collins, who was one of the prime “movers and shakers” in getting our museum off the ground…so to speak.

The museum is open every Saturday from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, and the tour was held to help recruit new docents.  Opening and closing procedures were covered, as were topics to address with our visitors, including encouraging donations.  Currently H.A. Tuck and Greg Gutting, with assistance from Lyle Thornton and Randy Wilson, have been shouldering most of the burden on Saturday’s; but they can’t always be there, and some other volunteers are needed to fill in the gaps.  The shifts run from 9:30-12:30 and from 12:30 to about 3:30.  There may be an occasional need to escort small groups around the museum as well, and your help will be much appreciated at those times.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Brent Collins ( or Michael Clinton ( for more information.  While knowledge of our aircraft and our museum displays is beneficial, it is not a requirement to become a docent.  On Saturday mornings there are plenty of members in the hangar that can answer any questions you, or our visitors, might have.

This is your opportunity to become more involved in our wing.  Contact Brent or Michael today.

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Calendar Issues

There are some changes to some upcoming calendar events.  The changes will be posted on the calendar, but in the meantime please be advised:

The Temple Air Show is scheduled for May 6,7, & 8

The Corsicana Air Show is scheduled for May 14

The Burnet Air Show has been changed to Sept 10, due to runway construction.

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Hops & Props 2016 Is Ready for YOU!

Tonight is the night for Hops & Props 2016.  The High Sky Wing crew has been working tirelessly to get the main hangar ready for one of the best parties in Midland.  Come out tonight and join us for lots of beer, live music, silent auction and more.

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HOPS & PROPS April 9

Click on Hops & Props tab in the above header for more information. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

Hops & Props logo 2016

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Retired Race Plane Joins the Ranks

Daniel Rathbun has acquired a beautiful North American AT-6F.  It’s history includes winning air races in Reno, NV.  Daniel explained that the plane is not correct to original specs because it was modified for racing.  It seems that the aircraft will now be housed in our hangar with the other CAF and member-owned aircraft.  Take a moment to come by and see it.  I’m sure that Daniel would be happy to discuss his newest acquisition.

Daniel's Newest Acquisition

Daniel’s Newest Acquisition

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