Rides Program

Paid rides are available in several of our aircraft. (Must be five(5) years old to fly with a parent/guardian, and twelve(12) years old to fly unaccompanied)  We don’t operate on a regular schedule due to aircraft and pilot availability (we are all volunteers at the High Sky Wing).  If you would like to schedule an individual or group ride, please leave a message with your contact information at 432-254-6182; our Rides Coordinator will be in touch to provide you with all the information you need to get in the air aboard one of our vintage aircraft:


(photos by Parker Rathbun and Greg Gutting)


Beech Model 18 (C-45): $395 for the plane OR $145 for co-pilot seat (1 available); $75 for a cabin seat (4 available)

Fairchild PT-19 (1 passenger): $195

North American L-17 Navion (3 passengers): $125 for the plane; no individual pricing

North American SNJ-5 (AT-6 Texan) (1 passenger): $295

North American T-28A Trojan (1 passenger):  $350


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