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The North American L-17/Ryan Navion (with 13 variants) was originally designed for the civilian general aviation market in the late 1940’s.  North American felt that since it was based along the lines of their P-51 Mustang, it would catch on quickly.   It soon attracted the attention of the USAAF which ordered 83 of the L-17A versions to be used to train university ROTC cadets.

     Because this aircraft was produced by so many different companies (North American, Ryan Aeronautical and TUSCO) and due to continual modifications, there really are no two Navions that are alike.

  • Powerplant:  Navion A 205 hp Continental; Navion B 260 hp Lyoming or Continental
  • Cruise Speed:  155 mph
  • Maximum Speed: 163 mph (never exceed speed: 190 mph)
  • Range:  700 miles
  • Service Ceiling:  11,000-15,000 feet
  • First Flight:  1946
  • Production Ended:  1949
  • Number produced:  2,634
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  • Manufacturer: Navion
  • Model: NAVION A
  • Year built: 1946
  • Construction Number: NAV-4-1321
  • Engine Manufacturer and Model: Continental Motor E185 Series

N91135 (Member owned)

N91135; Owner John Williams

N91135; Owner John Williams

  • Manufacturer:  North American
  • Model:  NA-145
  • Year built:  1946
  • Construction Number:  NAV-4-29
  • Engine Manufacturer and Model:  Continental Motor E185 SERIES

N1947U (Member owned)

N1947U; Owner John Williams

N1947U; Owner John Williams

  • Manufacturer: North American
  • Model: NA-145
  • Year Built: 1946
  • Construction Number: NAV-4-394
  • Engine Manufacturer and Model: Continental Motor IO-520-BB


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