Aircraft Damage

Strahan’s Damage

To:       High Staff, Wing Members & Headquarters Staff

From:  Steve Clinton – Maintenance Officer

Subject: Damage to Member Owned Aircraft


Sometime between 7:45 P.M. Tuesday, October 30th, and noon, Wednesday, October 31st, Sam Strahan’s SNJ had considerable body damage done (see inset photo).  I want to remind all High Sky Wing members and headquarters’ staff, that all aircraft whether member owned or wing assigned should not be moved or climbed on, without  prior consent of owner or qualified wing member.  Any guest in our hangar must be supervised at all times.

I think, at times we forget that these aircraft and ground vehicles are precious resources of this wing and should be treated with the care they certainly deserve. I know accidents can and do happen, I must ask that if any damage to aircraft, vehicles or hangar occurs please  report incident immediately to myself or any available wing staff member.


Steve Clinton

HSW Maintenance Officer

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