After a final review by Museum Director Autumn Hicks, the HSW Speaker’s Bureau is ready to begin making presentations to inform the community about our organization and solicit memberships and donations.  We have acquired a projector, speakers and a portable desktop projector screen, and the CAF DVD and our own PowerPoint presentation are finalized.

A demonstration will be given at the next Wing Meeting, scheduled for Thursday, May 24.  If you have not seen the CAF DVD, it is very professionally done and is certainly worthy of viewing.

We will be anticipating contacts from the community to make presentations, and we will also solicit from the community, especially from those who might not know that we will come to them.  If you know of any community organizations that would benefit from learning about the missions and purposes of the CAF and HSW, OR if you would like to be a volunteer speaker or assistant, please inform Greg Gutting (ggutting@earthlink.net or 210-326-5983).

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