12th Armored Division Tour

On Saturday, May 26th, our first Museum Tour took place at the 12th Armored Division’s Museum in Abilene.  While this museum is dedicated to the 12th Division, there are a number of displays depicting the overall history of World War II and the German and Japanese opponents.

It is a privately owned museum and depends on volunteers and donations.  They are in the process of expanding the museum from two floors of displays to three, which will incorporate six more life-sized dioramas about the 12th Division.  No completion date was given.

Sherman Tank

Sherman Tank on Display at the 12 Armored Division Museum. While not as powerful as the German Tiger tanks, the lighter, faster, Sherman was produced in such large quantities that we more than held our own in tank battles.

Former tank platoon leader H.A. Tuck records some tanker's gear for his memory book.

The 12th Armored Division's Wall of Honor, saluting those division members who gave their lives to insure our freedom.

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